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Lane Detection

Lane detection requires precise pixel-wise identification and prediction of lane curves. Our Experts at rProcess have ability and technology to identify and track lanes for developing algorithms for driverless vehicles.

Bounding Box

Our team is trained to draw and label bounding boxes for object detection, classification, and localization in images and videos to power the future of autonomous vehicles. We are built to rapidly scale up and down to meet your requirements.

Aerial Imagery

We offer perfect solution for machine learning dataset. Our aerial imagery annotation services helps to build drone-based surveillance, topographical mapping, developing object detection and motion tracking.

Image tagging of AI

Our expertise at rProcess are known to handle any kind of requirements related to computer vision applications, object detection. Our image tagging services makes data more structured and organized.

Semantic Image Annotations

With semantic annotation, we offer better dataset for machine learning algorithms by providing additional information to a piece of data and semantic tagging.

Autonomous Vehicles

To power the future of autonomous vehicles, we provide accurate and high-quality data labeling for AI technologies such as traffic video labeling, type of vehicle, road, sign boards, etc.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Realizing that artificial intelligence has the potential to be the most disruptive technology ever, we have got expertise in almost all aspects of AI which even includes Natural Language Processing.

Object identification

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals detect objects, extract information and annotate the images and videos. And we deliver highest-quality results at a scalable service.

Video Annotations

Our manual video annotation solution offers tracking of each object as they move throughout the video/frame. We guarantee highest accuracy of object tracking.

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