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With the usage of cutting-edge technologies and domain expertise in AI, ML and DL, we have been successful in providing superior lane detection services to our clientele. Enabling machines to computers to see, identify, and process in the same way that human vision does, we have come up with inventive products which makes people’s lives easier. In the era of digitalization, AI’s ability to track moving objects and analyse them also plays a very crucial role.

In order to improve accuracy and robustness of the lane detection in complex conditions such as shadows and illumination changing, we have designed a novel detection algorithm to overcome many other shortcomings due to poor climate, vehicle density, and so on.

Our lane detection services include the following aspects:
1) Lane demarcation between various vehicles like ego car, bicycle, opposite direction traffic, divergence etc.
2) Lane detection during extreme conditions like extremely heavy rainfall with dirty roads, snowfall, hazy environment, snowy climate, and so on.