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About Us

rProcess provide image and video annotation services and help companies build datasets for various machine learning projects across the globe. We are based in Mysore and Bangalore (India). rProcess can help you with cost-effective, customized Image and Video annotation services.

We also offers many data annotation capabilities, including named entity recognition (NLP) tagging in documents, data analytics, automatic speech recognition, semantic segmentation, image segmentation, data labeling, chatbot training, and more.

Our image annotations solution enables you to build structured, clean and labelled training data set for your AI models & computer vision models. The labelled data we provide fulfills your data annotation requirements for a range of data types be it images, text, voice or videos and autonomous vehicles.

Aerial Image Annotation

Bounding Box

We have years of experience in generating quality typical tasks in computer vision such as Image classification, Bounding boxes, Localization, Object detection, Object identification, Instance segmentation Object tracking etc. Our 400+ expert data annotators can quickly annotate your text, image, video, and audio data so that it’s ready to be used as the dataset to train all your machine learning projects. is committed to safeguard your privacy and have strict data security measures in place to protect your data. We’re GDPR-compliant and our annotation services meet global quality standards.

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